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Open Exhibition 2019

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We are pleased to announce the artists exhibiting in this year's Open Exhibition.




  • David Ash
  • Sue Ash
  • Sue Bardwell
  • Anne Billingham
  • Tim Carroll
  • Graham Carter
  • Alex Coppock-Bunce
  • Ann Cracknell
  • Jacqueline Cunliffe
  • Stella Maris Dalgleish
  • Simone Dawood
  • Gordon Dickinson
  • Richard Draper
  • Paul Exton
  • Millie Gleeson
  • Lisa Harvey
  • Jack Hicks
  • Charlotte Houlihan
  • The Toby Kirk
  • Jan Knight
  • Lucy Longhurst-Milham
  • Beatrice Mar
  • Ciarrai Isobel McShane
  • Sally McKay
  • Jem O'Carroll
  • Tara Parker-Woolway
  • Usha Pearce
  • Rebecca Perdue
  • Anna Pinkster
  • Sarah Purvey
  • David Robinson
  • Nicky Robinson
  • Ushma Sargeant
  • Michael Searle
  • Joe Tymkow
  • Jiri Vrana
  • Mike Wakefield
  • Rachel Ward
  • Ray Ward
  • Ken White
  • Juliet Wood
  • Joseph Wright
  • @lepatik
  • M.K.D.


Sponsored prizes will be presented at the Private View on Tuesday 19 November, 6.30pm.

Prizes: icanFRAME £100 voucher, Friends of Swindon Museum & Art Gallery £100

People's Choice Award

New for 2019, there will be a People’s Choice Award chosen by the public. Voting will take place during the exhibition and the winner will be announced after the exhibition closes. The winner will receive a £50 gift voucher from Oink Gallery.

Delivery of work

If your work(s) are successfully selected for the exhibition, work(s) must be delivered on Wednesday 13 November between 11.30am and 3.30pm to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, within a specific timeslot. You will be notified by email of your timeslot.

Work must be unpacked and checked when it is delivered to the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and a receipt of submission/deposit completed by both Swindon Museum and Art Gallery and the Artist.

Packing material(s) must be taken away with you once work has been unpacked. We cannot store packing materials and any materials left behind will be disposed of by Museum staff.

Please affix a label to the back of the work(s) and include Artist name, medium, title and full price of work including commission and frame. We will not accept works that are not labelled correctly.

Collection of work

Collection of unsold work will be on Monday 6 January.  Timeslots will be given for collection.  Sorry, but we are unable to post back any unsold work.

Late collections of work are subject to a charge of £5 per work, and £5 for each additional week not collected.

Please bring your submission/deposit receipt when collecting unsold work.

Please note that unsold work will not be packed in advance of collection.  This is so the Artist may check the work(s) before removing from the Gallery.  You will need to bring your own packing materials and pack your work onsite.


Supported By: IcanFrame and Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

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